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Within our range of tailored solutions for the bakery industry EmyL® & BaKeLoX® require special attention
EmyL® provides emulsifier replacement in bread applications using enzymes from non-GMO strains. A necessity for producers of bio breads / improvers.
BaKeLoX® reduces the addition of gluten in whole meal application by optimal use of the available gluten / gluten network.

An extensive portfolio including all major enzyme groups used in bread- and fine bakery. This range is especially targeting bakery ingredient formulators and specialty bakery industry searching for concentrated enzymes to bake the best products at the lowest cost.
Enzyme groups included in this range a.o. are:

Maltogenic amylase
Beta Glucanase
Glucose oxidase
Lipase / Phospholipase

Within Breatec Invertase is branded as Natuvert®. Available in liquid and powder from this has extensive use in invertsugar production and applications where in situ produced invertase is a benefit (e.g. marzipan).

Emulsifiers are playing an important role in bakery already for decades, providing functionalities such as dough stability, volume improvement, fresh keeping, aeration and many others
Within Breatec we offer all relevant emulsifiers for bakery including the support
The range covers a.o.

Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (Mono – E471);
Diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides (DATEM – E472e)
Polyglycerol ester of vegetable fatty acids (PGE – E475)
Sodium stearoyl lactylate from vegetable ester (SSL – E481)
Calcium Stearoyl lactylate esters from vegetable fatty acids (CSL – E482)
Sorbitan tristearate from vegetable fatty acids (SPAN – E492)
Emul® Pastry – range of activated cake emulsifiers for aeration in cake type goods.
Emul® Topping – comprehensive range of topping powder

Especially for Europe where (sustainable) palm is subject of discussion we are RSPO certified for Mass Balance and Segregated solutions. Also a range of non-palm based emulsifiers is available.