Our Values

This concerns an integral quality label. The quality management implemented relates to all divisions with their respective departments.
Towards customers: we adhere to high standards to produce “safe products”, which comply with all legislation and regulations (ISO, HACCP, JECFA, WHO, …).
Towards personnel: who must be able to work under optimum conditions in a positive environment that stimulates each person’s development through trust, appreciation and mutual respect.
Towards our environment: we respect all the legal standards on energy and waste management, in order thereby to make a positive contribution to future generations.
The needs and wishes of customers are central to the development and production of powdered mixtures. These may be at different levels; our goal is to be able to offer an adequate response to these.
Towards customers: Constantly to be able to give the necessary support to customers in a confidential atmosphere.
Towards suppliers: to achieve the back-up necessary and to be informed of any new developments.
Towards the personnel: to form a motivated team in which people show respect and appreciation interactively.

The consistent and thoroughly professional cooperation between all the departments leads to result-orientation, in which respect and trust grows in due course. This creates a positive synergetic environment.